The Boogie Man From Birmingham
Steve "Big Man" Clayton
© Steve Clayton 2018
NEW CD “Lockdown Blues”

This album was recorded at home during "Lockdown".
Yes, you can hear the occasional stomping of the feet.
Yes, you can hear the slightly out of tune piano.
Yes you can hear the creaking bones and puffs as I came up for fresh air, and the rattling of the teeth.
And sometimes the fingers went somewhere other than I intended them to go!
This was an interesting experience.
I had to do several takes of some songs because the solo was great but I forgot the words, or the voice was okay but I forgot the piano!!!!
The thing is..... it was fun, and in these strange Corona times we musicians have to keep on doing what we do.
So I recorded a bunch of new and not so old songs to share with the universe and beyond.
I hope you like them.

Take a listen HERE.